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dariuszpacakDariusz Pacak

Kiedy za nową ziemistą kulisą skryty przejdę dalej
nie pozwól daremnie łzom trwonić swej wartości

po drugiej stronie panoramy w zastygłym krajobrazie
będę pod innym kątem spoglądał na rzeczywistość

niewidzialnym cieniem kładł się u twych stóp będę
opalenizną na twym ciele i słonym smakiem bryzy

w noc upojną Super Novą oddechem twym i łzami
w czas niepokoju bezgłośną modlitwą w świątyni będę

w tobie głęboko na zawsze w twej tajemnicy do której
sama nie masz dostępu grając w kolejnej odsłonie snu

odłóż więc drżący kompas serca nie szukaj już kostiumu
poradlonego przez mrzonki człowieczego doświadczenia

i nie płacz po mnie tu

(Od Redakcji): Zapraszamy także do obejrzenia etiudy filmowej, powstałej na podstawie tego wiersza... Film z napisami w języku angielskim (English subtitles):


Etiuda zrealizowana na specjalną prośbę dla Teatru Słowa i Tańca p. Jadwigi Klimkowicz. Jest to adaptacja wybranych fragmentów poezji i tekstów p. Dariusza Pacaka - poety, podróżnika i przyjaciela teatru. Scenariusz i realizacja: p. Jadwiga Klimkowicz.

Serdecznie zapraszamy do przeżycia kilku minut z Poetą i Teatrem (English subtitles):


waclawkujbidafotoWacław Kujbida

On September 8th, 2014 the Polish Gazette Club in Ottawa and the Ukrainian National Federation, Ottawa-Gatineau hosted a dinner and presentation by special guest from Poland, Tomasz Sakiewicz, Editor-in-Chief of the Polish Gazette and TV Republica.

This was an informative evening to learn first hand how this Polish journalist and author has been a key support to the Ukrainian Government in its efforts to denounce Russian sponsored terrorism and separatism in Eastern Ukraine as well as the illegal annexation of Crimea.

In his speech, mr. Tomasz Sakiewicz also said: Ladies and Gentlemen,

czasopismo1I represent a media group and a social movement that are involved in helping Ukraine. Among these media is a daily newspaper “Gazeta Polska Codziennie”, Poland’s oldest weekly “Gazeta Polska”, which has been published for almost two hundred years, monthly magazine “Nowe Panstwo”, and news portal “”, as well as associated with it online TV channel, which has one and a half million viewers. I also represent here the TV channel “Telewizja Republika” established by journalists of different backgrounds. Under the auspices of the weekly “Gazeta Polska”, we have founded in Poland and around the world four hundred clubs that gather together very patriotic and public-spirited citizens of our society. We are essentially financed by our readers. We also receive donations to our Foundation of Independent Media (Fundacja Niezalezne Media). And it turned out that these modestly financed media could play an important role during the Maidan Revolution and they still play their part while the war is going on. The concert on Kiev’s Independence Square (Maidan ) organized by our TV channel “Telewizja Republika”, which was interrupted by an attack of government forces, coincided with key moments in the struggle for a change of power in Kiev.

Journalists of our media were on Maidan; some were wounded. Every day, from the outset of the revolution, they have been covering the war in Ukraine. We organize demonstrations of support for the Ukrainian people struggling for freedom and we also arrange financial assistance. In recent days, for example, we supported the Polish humanitarian convoy.

Besides, we demand from the Polish government to provide the real assistance to Ukraine. This aid must range from money to arms deliveries. We feel obliged to require such help on the grounds of our common tradition of fight against totalitarianism and belief that only by joining together can we defend independence:


(Od Redakcji): Serdecznie dziękujemy pp. Elżbiecie i Wacławowi Kujbidom z Telewizji Niezależna Polonia w Ottawie za umożliwienie publikacji filmu.

waclawkujbidafotoWacław Kujbida

On Monday, September 8th, 2014 at 12 noon Polish Gazette Club Ottawa with EuroMaidan Ottawa, in participation with the Ukrainian National Federation Ottawa-Gatineau, the Baltic Federation in Canada and the Central and Eastern European Council held a Rally on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The rally was to raise awareness of the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and demonstrate that Ukraine is not the first victim of Russian oppression and will not be the last.

Also, the following five examples of acts of terrorism were mentioned during the rally: Invasion of Georiga – 2008, Smolensk Crash of Polish Air Force One -2010, Annexation of Crimea and War in Ukraine – 2014, Downing Flight MH17 – 2014.

20140908ott1Protestors called on the Government of Canada to provide more bilateral assistance to Ukraine, including decisive sectoral economic sanctions, particularly against the financial, defence and energy sectors; increased political isolation of Mr. Putin; and real military support, including arms, vehicles, surveillance equipment and other support for the Ukrainian armed forces to defend sovereign Ukrainian territory against Russia’s proxy war and recent direct invasion.

Honourable David Kilbourn, well known human rights activist and former Parliamentarian said in his speech: "...if Ukraine become a Nova-Russia and the West collapses, it will not be because of Russia’s physical strength but because of our mental weakness".

The keynote speaker from Poland, Tomasz Sakiewicz, Editor-in-Chief of the Polish Gazette and TV Republica said: Ladies and Gentlemen,

Every day dozens of people are killed in Ukraine. The war has turned into Russia’s open aggression against the nation that half a year ago has chosen independence.

20140908ott2Russian aggression in Ukraine is not the Moscow’s first military action in recent years. In 2008, Russian tanks rolled into Georgia trying to overthrow the government and to subdue the whole country. In the end, only a part of the Georgia’s territory was seized. The Kremlin was stopped due to the international action – mainly due to decisive steps of the five Central European leaders brought to Tbilisi by the Polish president Lech Kaczynski. At that time, Moscow realized that in the center of Europe was growing a great power which was able to stop imperial ambitions of the Kremlin.

This power was constituted by the agreement of one hundred million people having diverse cultures, respect for their traditions but, above all, of people who were able to join their efforts against the invaders from the East. No wonder that the main proponent of this agreement Polish President Lech Kaczynski was seen as a deadly threat by Moscow.

Flying to Smolensk, Russia on April 10th, 2010, president Kaczynski was drawn into a deadly trap. Along with a hundred representatives of the Polish state, he wanted to honor the memory of thousands of Polish POW’s murdered in Katyn massacre in 1940. As a result of Russian plotting, the president and the members of the delegation accompanying him were almost completely devoid of security measures necessary during such visits. The research and investigation carried by the independent scientists have shown that the aircraft with the Polish delegation on board exploded just above the ground. The Russians confiscated the black boxes and the wreckage of the aircraft and so far, even four years after the incident, Poles cannot reclaim them. The corpses of our leaders were desecrated and the victims’ families were intimidated. That brings to our minds the tragedy in which nearly 300 people were killed aboard Malaysian aircraft attacked by Russian terrorists operating in Ukraine. Today, we cannot wait any longer. We have to stop Russian imperialism before the war spreads the other countries. Russia must be completely isolated from the world until it ceases the aggression. Ukraine must be provided with the real financial and military help. Let’s give them money and weapons so that they will be able to protect all of us against another global tragedy:


(Od Redakcji): Serdecznie dziękujemy pp. Elżbiecie i Wacławowi Kujbidom z Telewizji Niezależna Polonia w Ottawie za umożliwienie publikacji filmu.

waclawkujbidafotoVatslaw Kujbida*

1944 was the fifth year of the II World War (jointly started by Germans attacking the Poland on September 1st 1939 and joined by Russia attacking the Poland from the East on September 17 1939). Despite the defence military pact with Great Britain and France that Poland had at that time, these countries didn’t fulfill its obligation to step-in and militarily help the Poland by joining the conflict. Instead they stopped short on “declaring the war” then silently sit down and watch for German and Russian atrocities in Poland for the next years (over 5 millions Poles - including 2.3 millions Polish Jews were executed, murdered or send with a death sentences to German Concentration Camps built by Germans in occupied Poland). So did the World by passively watching and turning its back to these daily mass murders. If in solidarity, all so called “Fee-World” states could easy defeat these aggressors in 6 months and end the War with minimal casualties and with no further Russian and communist domination over the half of the World.

warsawuprising1Instead they’ve waited for years and the war ended with over 50 millions of victims, with loss of half Europe to the Soviet Empire and related to that communist domination and occupation and further thousands of victims and with politically re-shaped Europe which has never healed its wounds including many countries still under the domination and terror from the old post-communist powers (Patrol of Lieut. Stanisław Jankowski ("Agaton") from Batalion Pięść, 1 August 1944: "W-hour" (17:00), Wikipedia).

The Polish Army on the West (the army based in Great Britain and formed from escaped Polish Soldiers, Pilots, Airmen and Sailors) was the 4th largest Allied army in Europe that participated in the War and defeated Germans (after Soviet Union - former ally of Germany, USA and Great Britain). As we all remember that were also the Polish Pilots who made the turning point in defeating the skies over the Britain and helped to re-gain the control when Brits were loosing it.

warsawuprising2Ironically, while still using the Polish Army as an important ally, while fighting Germans arm to arm, the “Fee-World” started to hold conspiracy talks with Joseph Stalin (Teheran Conference in 1943 and Yalta Conference in February 1945) with intention to handle over to the Soviet Union its Polish Ally together with a half of the World (German Brennkommando burn Warsaw; photograph taken on Leszno Street, Wikipedia).

The Yalta Conference stamped this deal in 1945. In effect, the Poland and half of the Europe was under the communist terror and occupation for over 45 years and there is still no end to this to that day (post communist circles rule and control many of the former Soviet-blocks countries, corrupting powers, destroying their economies and weakening states and nations).

warsawuprising3As a symbol of that dirty deal, the Polish Army was excluded from the 1945 World War II Victory Parade in London, (I repeat - this was the 4th largest Allied army in Europe that participated in the War and defeated Germans). In opposite - the Red Army (which jointly started the II World War on September 17 1939) was a part of that parade (Ruins of Warsaw. After the Uprising, 85% of Warsaw was destroyed, Wikipedia).

However, the history teaches that it didn’t teach anyone and anything. Today we have the exact situation in Ukraine. The “Fee-World” is playing down the war in Ukraine, calling that “domestic conflict” or an activity of “terrorists”.

Yeah. Why don’t we wait again, until this ends in growing conflict that would need another 50 - 100 million casualties and the total destruction of our Wolrd? Why not? Someone said the conspiracy does not exist?

* Editor, Canadian-Polish Independent TV, Ottawa

miroslawborutaMirosław Boruta

There are albums about Cracow that you reach for with joy - of returning to your childhood days or even times before your birth. There are works of photographic prowess, or the ones telling the city’s past with pictures focusing  on its social aspect… Today is the time to add another album to the vast collection, alongside the creations of Ignacy Krieger, Franciszek Klein, Henryk Hermanowicz or Henryk Tomasz Kaiser – “The Cracow Millenium” by Mr. Adam Bujak, as it both should be included and is worth of introducing.

In the introduction of the album, by Mr. Krzysztof Czyżewski, the city’s history is described in a nutshell. This part is an astonishing reconnaissance through Cracow’s past and the works of its architecture and art and learning about it is beneficial and worth the time.

Among the photographs, one can discover places less known, or completely inaccessible, like cloisters of enclosed religious orders, one might return to the places from childhood - in my case, the churches of Corpus Christi and St. Nicholas, one shall become astonished by the breathtaking angles and takes, or the beauty of natural light at dawn and dusk.

thecracowsmilleniumTruly captivating are the photographs in which Mr. Adam Bujak captured a moment. A one of a kind moment. Be it a Holy Mass, a funeral, monthly celebration of Smolensk Catastrophe (commemorating the great tragedy in which President Lech Kaczyński lost his life), a prayer, a procession, or fun that the students are having at their festival, the Juwenalia. The conjunctions of pictures are what fascinates the most, e.g. the comparison of a museum of wonderful art with a museum of modern technology. Or an incredible monument and a hideous – though, in this case, politically quite appropriate – sign on it.

It’s worth to spend a moment of thought over, for example, the sarcophagus belonging to the bountiful polymath Józef Ignacy Kraszewski in the Skałka Monastery, the enormity of Stanisław Wyspiański’s stained glass windows, the wonderful examples of Art Nouveau style in Jama Michalika café, or the fate of the sculptures of Twelve Apostles, when you still have in mind those original ones, lying, mutilated by the previous, communist regime, in the garden of Collegium Broscianum, the place where we were once studying philosophy, geography, sociology in the 1980s.

One can spend hours over this album, taking joy from it and becoming emotional thanks to it. One can also write about it for hours. And, for certain, one should definitely have it and… spread the news about it around. God, grant us a wise local government, Polish diplomacy and cabinet – only then the beauty of Cracow, in many languages, will be granted to thousands… Maybe that shall occur this year, maybe the next. Cracow, urbs celeberrima, is worthy of this effort.

Translated by Konrad Boruta.

waclawkujbidafotoWacław Kujbida

Dotrzymajcie obietnicy! Keep your promise!

Pod tym hasłem odbyła się w niedzielę - 9 marca 2014 w Ottawie demonstracja zorganizowana przez społeczność kanadyjsko-ukraińską z całej Kanady (z przybyłymi przedstawicielami z Ottawy, Toronto, Montrealu, Winnipeg i Calgary). Demonstracje miały miejsce przed ambasadami Chińskiej Republiki Ludowej, Francji, Stanów Zjednoczonych oraz przed siedzibą Wysokiej Komisji Brytyjskiej.

Marsz i protest zakończył sie na Wzgórzu Parlamentarnym. Poparci przez przedstawicieli społeczności Krymskich Tatarów w Kanadzie, przedstawicieli społeczności kanadyjsko-polskiej, kanadyjsko-bałtyckiej oraz kanadyjsko-węgierskiej, organizatorzy przeczytali list otwarty do ambasadorów i wezwali do wypełnienia politycznych, ekonomicznych i terytorialnych gwarancji zawartych w Memorandum Budapeszteńskim.

Keep your promise - Dotrzymajcie obietnicy!

This was the leading slogan for the protest that took place on Sunday, March 9th in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The Canadian-Ukrainian Community from across the Canada (including representatives from Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Winnipeg) organized a march and political protest in front of embassies of the People's Republic of China, France, the United States and in front of the British High Commission.

The protest ended on the Parliament Hill. Supported by representatives from the Crimean-Tatar Community in Canada, from Canadian-Polish, Canadian-Baltic and Canadian-Hungarian communities, the protesters read an open letter to the ambassadors and demanded to fulfill the political, economical and territorial assurances included in the Budapest Memorandums.

(Od Redakcji): Serdecznie dziękujemy pp. Elżbiecie i Wacławowi Kujbidom z Telewizji Niezależna Polonia w Ottawie za umożliwienie publikacji filmu:

waclawkujbidafotoWacław Kujbida

Ottawski protest przed siedzibą Ambasady Federacji Rosyjskiej w solidarności z Majdanem pod nazwą i hasłem "Kreml – przestań szkodzić Ukrainie" odbył się 12 lutego. Zorganizowała go społeczność ukraińsko-kanadyjska i tak, jak i w poprzednim proteście - w wyrazie solidarności - wzięli w nim udział członkowie Klubu Gazety Polskiej z Ottawy.

(Od Redakcji): Serdecznie dziękujemy pp. Elżbiecie i Wacławowi Kujbidom z Telewizji Niezależna Polonia w Ottawie za umożliwienie publikacji filmu:

waclawkujbidafotoWacław Kujbida

W dniu 29 stycznia w Ottawie miał miejsce protest, polityczny wiec i marsz zorganizowany przeciwko brutalności reżimu Janukowicza, w solidarności z wydarzeniami na Ukrainie a także jako wystąpienie do Rządu Kanady o wprowadzenie sankcji ekonomicznych i ograniczeń wizowych jako odpowiedź Kanady na próby tłumienia demokracji na Ukrainie.

Protest, który zorganizowała kanadyjsko-ukraińska społeczność rozpoczął się przed gmachem Parlamentu Kanady a następnie dotarł do siedzib Unii Europejskiej oraz Ambasady Ukrainy w Ottawie. Oprócz Kanadyjczyków ukraińskiego pochodzenia, najliczniej reprezentowaną drugą grupą etniczną była Polonia reprezentowana przez Klub Gazety Polskiej Ottawa oraz również, przez pojedynczych mieszkańców polskiego pochodzenia z Ottawy. Równie licznie poparli to polityczne wystąpienie politycy z urzędującego obecnie, konserwatywnego Gabinetu Rządowego Kanady jak i posłowie Parlamentu Kanady.

Z ramienia rządu wystąpili między innymi:
- James Bezan, Parlamentarny Sekretarz Ministra Obrony Kanady, Partia Konserwatywna,
- Jason Kenney, Minister Pracy, Rozwoju Społecznego i Wielokulturowości, Partia Konserwatywna,
- Chris Alexander, Minister Spraw Obywatelskich i Imigracji, Partia Konserwatywna.

Parlament Kanady reprezentowali:
- Paul Dewar, Kanadyjska Nowa Partia Demokratyczna
- Marc Garneau, poseł Partii Liberałów
- Ted Optiz, przewodniczący Kanadyjsko-Ukraińskiej Grupy Parlamentarnej, konserwatysta.
- Paggy Nash, wiceprzewodnicząca Parlamentarnej Komisji Finansów. Nowa Partia Demokratyczna.
- Władysław Lizoń, poseł Partii Konserwatywnej Kanady
- Eve Adams, partia Konserwatywna.

Protest prowadził Taras Zalusky, przewodniczący Kanadyjskiego Kongresu Ukraińskiego w Kanadzie.

(Od Redakcji): Serdecznie dziękujemy pp. Elżbiecie i Wacławowi Kujbidom z Telewizji Niezależna Polonia w Ottawie za umożliwienie publikacji filmu:

Michael Voris w programie "The Vortex" ( opisuje pokrótce powstanie i zasady masonerii sprzeczne z doktryną Kościoła Katolickiego. Aby włączyć polskie napisy należy kliknąć w ikonkę "Napisy" w zębatym kółeczku ustawień:


(Od Redakcji): A dużo, dużo więcej zobaczą Państwo i usłyszą tutaj: FBI Freemasonry / Many believe the Freemasons are simply a centuries-old charitable fraternity. However, the Catholic Church has consistently condemned Freemasonry more than any other error in its history because it promotes indifferentism, naturalism, communism, and other dangerous philosophies:

waclawkujbidafotoWacław Kujbida

Jedwabne - Świadek Historii: Hieronima Wilczewska (the article available also in English below the movie).

Telewizja Niezależna Polonia dotarła do żyjącego, naocznego świadka niemieckiej zbrodni w Jedwabnem 10 lipca 1941. Pani Hieronima Wilczewska którą ekipa TV Niezależna Polonia odwiedziła we wrześniu 2013 w New Britain, stan Connecticut, USA, w dniu zbrodni w Jedwabnem miała 8 lat. W ciągu 6 dni, przechodząc wielokrotnie lub przystając obok stodoły która stała się miejscem kaźni Żydów z Jedwabnego, pani Hieronima była naocznym świadkiem niemieckiego mordu, tragedii i konania tych ludzi co ciągnęło się przez kilka dni. Zapędzonym przez SS i Gestapo do stodoły Żydom kazano wchodzić i układać się warstwami na sobie z powodu braku miejsca. Niemcy wrzucali następnie małe żydowskie dzieci na sama górę .

Następnie, Niemcy oblali benzyną i podpalili z miotaczy ognia budynek. W ten bestialski sposób zamordowano większość, ale nie wszystkich. Ludzie, znajdujący się na dole, żyli jeszcze przez kilka dni. Pani Hieronima zapamiętała jak kiwali się godzinami, w beznadziejnej rozpaczy, poparzeni i spowici popiołem ze swoich spalonych współbraci, często członków swoich rodzin, z górnych warstw.

Gestapo i SS przez te kilka dni trzymało dookoła stodoły uzbrojone warty, pilnując aby nikt z żyjacych jeszcze jakimś cudem Żydów nie wydostał się ze stodoły oraz uniemożliwiając ludności Jedwabnego przynoszenia im wody czy pożywienia. Po kilku dniach, kiedy wszyscy zmarli z głodu, wycieńczenia czy ran, Niemcy zakopali wszystkie zwłoki na miejscu swojej zbrodni.

Przypisywanie polskim, rzekomo mogącym mieć wtedy jakikolwiek wpływ na cokolwiek dookoła siebie, samej tylko możliwości dokonania zbrodni w tym miasteczku w roku 1941, a więc w czasie trwania na całym terytorium okupowanej przez Niemców Polski totalnej, niemieckiej kontroli i totalnego, bezwzględnego niemieckiego terroru, jest takim samym absurdem jak rozgłaszanie kłamstw o "Polskich Obozach Koncentracyjnych" na terenach tejże, okupowanej przez Niemców Polski.

Wszystkie osoby które, czy to w Polsce, W Kanadzie, W USA czy gdziekolwiek na świecie do dzisiaj uczestniczą w manipulacji i fałszowaniu historii na temat Jedwabnego czy też innych, podobnych konfabulacji, biorą na siebie - również wobec tych nieżyjących już, niewinnych ofiar tej jednej z tysięcy podobnych niemieckich zbrodni w Polsce - odpowiedzialność za współudział w ukrywaniu prawdziwych sprawców tego ludobójstwa oraz odpowiedzialność za współudział w mataczeniu i uniemożliwieniu przeprowadzenia rzetelnego śledztwa wokół tej zbrodni, uniemożliwieniu sprawiedliwego jej osadzenia i uniemożliwieniu napiętnowania, potępienia i ukarania jej prawdziwych sprawców. Choćby i - po latach - symbolicznego, ku pamięci i dla sprawiedliwości przelanej tam niewinnie krwi.

Zbrodnia w Jedwabnem, w 1941 roku na terenie okupowanej przez Niemców Polski, została dokonana przez Niemców, z ich inicjatywy i pod ich całkowitą kontrolą, jak tysiące podobnych zbrodni niemieckich w Polsce i  bez jakiegokolwiek udziału sprawczego jakiegokolwiek Polaka.

Jest rzeczą fizycznie niemożliwą, aby w spowitej terrorem okupowanej Polsce, gdzie na przykład chociażby tylko za samo posiadanie odbiornika radiowego, można było stracić życie w więzieniu, aby polska cywilna ludność miasteczka mogła mieć przy sobie broń, miotacze ognia czy też mogła zorganizować i przeprowadzić na własną rękę jakąkolwiek akcję zbrojną czy pacyfikacyjną bez wiedzy i kontroli Niemców. Osoba propagująca takie absurdy wystawia tylko świadectwo albo o poziomie swojej wiedzy albo wręcz o złej woli lub też o chęci fałszowania historii z sobie tylko wiadomych pobudek i powodów:

Jedwabne Massacre eyewitness testimony: On 10 July 1941 Ms. Hieronima Wilczewska was 8 years old when she saw the massacre in Jedwabne, in German-occupied Poland.

The 1941 massacre in Jedwabne in German-occupied Poland was committed by Germans, on their own initiative and under their sole supervision like thousands of similar German crimes in Poland.

Imputing the commission of this crime to the Polish population of Jedwabne is equally absurd as speaking of "Polish concentration camps".

Considering the German rule of terror in the occupied Poland, where even owning a radio receiver could result in imprisonment and death, it would have been physically impossible for the Polish inhabitants of a town to possess weapons or to be able to organize and independently conduct any armed or pacificatory action without Germans' consent and control.

Dissemination of such absurdities bespeaks their author's ignorance, ill will, or an intent to falsify history based on ulterior motives.

Out of all German-occupied countries, in Poland alone any form of aid extended to people of Jewish descent carried a death sentence. The punishment was dealt out immediately, most often without a trial, not only to the helper but also to his or her entire family.

In other words, the whole family would be stood against the nearest wall and shot.

In this context, and as defined by Germans - “help" meant any assistance, in the broadest sense of the word: from hiding Jews through giving them clothes, food or water. The punishment was carried out on Poles with the utmost severity.

In German-occupied Poland Germans annihilated, in most cases through bestial murders, over 5 million Polish citizens, including over 2,5 million Poles of Jewish descent. Over 2 million Polish non-Jews were subjected to genocide in German concentration and death camps or killed as a result of various forms of terror and repression.

Out of the total of 25,685 people who have to this day been granted the highest civilian award of the State of Israel, i.e. the title of "Righteous Among the Nations" of the Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Research based in Jerusalem, 6,532 were Poles.

The title of "Righteous Among the Nations", the highest civilian award in Israel, is granted in recognition of documented cases where non-Jews risked their lives to help Jews. This means that the State of Israel has acknowledged that, of all the nations engulfed by the war waged by the German Third Reich, out of all 21 German-occupied countries, non-Jewish Poles are credited with as much as 25 percent of all documented cases of aiding Jews at the peril of death to the helper and his or her family. However, it needs to be added that the number of over 6,000 awards is only symbolic. Historical estimates indicate that the total number of Poles engaged in organizing clandestine help for Jews in occupied Poland was as high as 2 million. For instance, securing help for a single Jew in the German-occupied and terrorized country required the concerted, clandestine and life-threatening effort of 20 non-Jewish Poles.

Unique among the occupied countries, both the Polish Underground State during WWII and the Polish Home Army - also unparalleled in the occupied Europe and Asia established official administrative, financial and organizational structures whose task was to help and protect Jews in German-occupied Poland. This was perfectly executed, using all available means in the time of terror and oppression, at the cost of incarceration, bestial torture and death of thousands of non-Jewish Poles at German hands. From the Jewish Department set up specifically to this end in the Department of Information of the Bureau of Information and Propaganda at the Polish Home Army HQ, through the Provisional Committee to Aid Jews, to the Council to Aid Jews operating through the Polish Government Delegation for Poland - this effort was initiated, organized, managed, implemented and led at the peril of death by the clandestine structures of the Polish Underground State and the Home Army (yes, the "anti-Semitic" Home Army - as it is portrayed in some of today's Polish and international "newspapers", "scientific papers", according to "historians", “journalists" or German TV miniseries "Unsere Muetter, Unsere Vaeter" - “Generation War”).

Acting on the order of the Polish Underground State and the Home Army, underground armed forces heroes, like Rittmeister Witold Pilecki, voluntarily infiltrated German death camps to document the decimation of the Polish population and the extermination of Jews. The report, entitled "The Mass Extermination of Jews in German Occupied Poland", was officially introduced to all nations of the world on 10 December 1942, at the League of Nations forum in Washington, and later presented directly, in person, to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The message was completely ignored both by the leaders and their nations.

Poznan, 7 May 2013

Statement from President Lech Kaczynski Academic Civic Clubs
in Poznań, Kraków, Warszawa & Łódź
in support of the open letter to Europe's citizens issued by Hungarian intellectuals

akopolskaWe, members of the academic community assembled in the Academic Civic Clubs (AKO) want to express our solidarity with the Hungarian intellectuals – signatories of the open letter "To Europe's citizens". We fully support the letter – both its dramatic form and the painful accuracy with which it depicts the present situation of Hungary.

We admire our Hungarian brethren for their determination and courage in the restoration of the Christian values, which we  also cherish and which, we feel, are similarly threatened in our country.

We strongly condemn and express our protest against the slander campaign directed at Hungary. The vilification of today's Hungary consists in misleading the public opinion with falsehood and lies depicting the nonexistent threats to democracy, and in propagating fear about the coalition parties ruling Hungary today. This coalition, it must be remembered, was democratically elected in a landslide victory in 2010. Many journalists, also those from public media, conceal the preeminent fact that the present government has rescued the country from its dire economic predicament and massive unemployment that were physically threatening the existence of the Hungarian nation. Among the critics and hostile reviewers of the government there are individuals directly responsible for bringing Hungary to the brink of economic collapse. It is deplorable that when they were in power, there was no condemnation of their irresponsible policies from European governments, EU agencies or the European Commission.

Not only journalists, but also the European Commission does take actions which are an intrusion into the realm of ethical and moral principles – something the Commission is neither authorised nor competent to do. Justifying such actions by the alleged violations by the Hungarian authorities of tolerance or European values is not corroborated by facts. Building the life of a nation on the foundation of Christianity is a guarantee of highest possible standards in the work of both the government and the parliament, while hard work, fair democracy, national independence, tolerance and mutual understanding are capable of miraculous things. It is Christianity that two thousand years of European tradition and law making are based upon and that provides the best possible model for the shaping of relations between people.

Following our Hungarian brothers and sisters, we hereby appeal for the content of their letter to be publicised and witness be given to the truth. The current actions by journalists, agencies of European governments and of the European Commission not only paint a false picture, but may also – as pointed out in the Hungarian open letter -  be a threat to the independence and sovereignty of a free nation. Indeed, they are a danger to the foundations of the European Union and European civilisation as such, undermining their cultural, social and economic cohesion and jeopardising the course of European integration.

The great effort made by the Hungarian society to resolve their social and economic problems should win them respect and trust and be supported by people of good will all over the world. We heartily congratulate our Hungarian brothers and sisters on their success to date, their empowerment and struggle. We wish them courage and perseverance in the implementation of the values they share in public life.

We also wish you, our Hungarian brothers and sisters, an active support from free European nations of your praiseworthy endeavours to develop your country and make it a better place.

May you be successful and victorious!

AKO Chairman, Professor Stanisław Mikołajczak

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