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An arrogant and outrageous violation of freedom of speech in the European Parliament

waclawkujbidafotoWacław Kujbida

On March 24th, during the Brussels meeting of the Subcommittee on European Security and Defence, the presentation of dr. Bogdan Gajewski – a known Continuing Airworthness Expert and member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators – was intterrupted and stopped on the request of the two Euro-MP's from the German CDU (Christian Democratic Party) - Michael Gahler and Elmar Brok.

For this meeting Dr. Bogdan Gajewski, a Canadian who also belongs to the Group of Independent Experts of the Polish Parliamentary Investigation Committee of the Smolensk 2010 Crash had prepared a presentation entitled "The case for the Military Airport in Smolensk – an Evaluation on Report of the Smolensk Crash." Unfortunately, as early as 5 minutes, 42 second, the German CDU MEP Michael Gahler interrupted Dr. Gajewski, requesting the immediate withdrawal of his voice as it relates to this issue - in the words of this MP – of Polish internal affairs. (Quote - "... I can not afford to let him to continue to press ahead of the speech ...").

As you might expect, the chairman of that meeting - the German CDU MP - Elmar Brok, also ostentatiously acceded to this request, even without request for a vote on the floor, allowing Dr. Bogdan Gajewski only to deliver a short, single sentence of the conclusion.

Here's how the European Parliament exercises the freedom of speech and solidarity between the peoples and nations of Europe, how they address some concerns for the safety or the common concerns of the peoples of this continent. I don't think it is also worth to analyze "a Christianity" of such actions of both of these deputies. (CDU stands for the Christian Democratic Unions of Germany).

Almost at the time the EU Parliamnent meeting took place another tragic air disaster took place in the Alps, killing more than 150 people, mostly German passengers going from Dusseldorf to Barcelona. I am far from indicating there are any "signs" or "finger of God". Please do not suspect. Especially since people have almost never learned anything from the history. As well there is no any "sign" or a coincident in the following story: 7 months after the Smolensk Crash in Russia, in November 2012, Poland, a light moto-glider with one of the pilots from the Miller's Commission (an official Polish governemental commission to investigate the Smolensk Crash and mostly agreeing with the official Russian Iinvestigation Report) crashed in Bemowo, Warsaw. When it did crash landing the small plane cut down with its lightweight wing a massive, reinforced concrete-steel street lantern. Apart from this, after all, very timely and meaningful physical experiment and a kind of proof on the matter of aircraft wing physics, a fabricated faith that was spread by government controlled media on the absurd that several times more powerful wing of a huge passenger jet Tu-154 that crashed in Smolensk, wing of jet weightiing over 55 – ton and speeding up to several hundred meters per second, could be cut by the trunk of a birch tree which was few centiremeters in diameter - is still common, among “some” – as we call this sub-group of the Polish Society.

Watching today, once again and again, some cynical acts of pathetic representatives of what the aim was to represent the Christian Europe, united, democratic and in solidarity, I just want to cry. Literally. I regret once I had acted actively for the union of the Polish Republic to the Union. Sorry. The only way to defend myself is just to say that not only me but more of us were ripped off and seduced over the time by more that one degenerates. Have we learned anything yet?

We present the entire presentation of dr. eng. Bogdan Gajewski: