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And who do you think you are? Perhaps a new First Secretary of Brussels-based Kremlin 2.0?

elzbietamorawiecElzbieta Morawiec

Mister Verhofstadt,

As a citizen of Poland I know much more about the history of Europe that you can imagine. I know, for example, where the first giant genocide in the world took place. It was in Kongo, during the reign of your king, Leopold II. There were about 10 millions of victims of your king’s greed. Joseph Conrad, an English writer of Polish origin, described this crime in his novel entitled “Heart of Darkness” (“Jądro ciemności”).

Your small country has existed for ca. 180 years. Poland has existed since 966! It was Poland that established the real principles of democracy and tolerance at the Council of Constance in 15th century, through Polish envoy, Paweł Włodkowic! And now, you dare teach us democracy, Mister Verhofstad?! You aim to influence the results of Polish democratic elections by force? And who are you to do such a thing? Perhaps a new First Secretary of Brussels-based Kremlin 2.0?

You dare support the smallest oppositional Polish party? The leader of this party doesn’t even know the most important religious holidays in his own country and believes that there were six kings visiting Jesus after His birth.

There is no doubt whatsoever as to your – and your acolytes’ – real intentions, Mister Verhofstadt, and that is to destroy the new Polish government and the parliament, chosen by the nation in free, democratic elections. You should be ashamed for such a Europe, Mister Verhofstadt.

Polish citizen, Elzbieta Morawiec PhD

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