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Petition to the European Parliament Against Interferences into Internal Matters of the Republic of Poland

spjnlogoWe strongly demand that the European Parliament should stop interfering into internal matters of Poland, a sovereign state, in which the roots of democracy have grown stronger and reached much deeper in the past than in a majority of European countries.

Poland is a democratic country ruled since 2015 by the formation that consistently implements all changes promised to electors in all the spheres of social economic life. While a majority of its citizens accept the policy pursued by the President and Government, a part of the opposition, never reconciled with the loss of power, uses in domestic struggle foreign centres of propaganda and institutions of the European Union. Looking for foreign support against the own rightful government has never been accepted by the society and has always been regarded as treason against the own country. Such values as freedom and democracy have been for several centuries the heritage of our ancestors.

citizengoIn accordance with our several-centuries-old tradition, the sovereign in Poland is the nation, and its representative is the Parliament of the Republic of Poland. All changes, including changes of laws, made in Poland during the last several months, have been introduced by the unquestionable will of the sovereign.

We are of the opinion that internal affairs of independent countries should remain their own national matters. The European Parliament – a representative of free nations – could not change itself into a tool used for internal political struggle fought in those countries.

Poland Comes First Association

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